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As the nation's leading Pop Up Market focusing on emerging and innovative brands, we use our 8 years of experience with over 500 of the best brands to bring an experience to drive strong ROI for your brand.

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“As a truly global brand, who strives to represent the pinnacle of modern craftsmanship, New Balance believes that it is imperative to have a personal connection with consumers who value the legacy of our brand. AF provides New Balance with a relevant cultural platform to engage, communicate and interact with key influencing  consumers across the United States.”

Chris Davis
Vice President, Global Marketing 
New Balance | AF Vendor Since '12
"Three years ago when I first became a vendor at AF, I had no idea how to push my brand to the next level. Working with the AF team and alongside other emerging brands, I learned so much about the potential of Ramblerose. Investing my time and energy into this show was a game-changer for brand awareness, consistent sales, and the opportunity to reach an entirely new audience in locations away from home."
Maggie Antalek
Founder,  Ramblerose

AF Vendor Since '15

“We have proudly participated in AF since its inception. It’s the only event out there that has remained true to its roots of promoting Quality and Innovative design.”
Andrew Payne
Founder,  General Knot 

AF Vendor Since '12

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With an average of 3-5k highly qualified attendees during the course of the event weekend you'll have an amazing opportunity to expose your brand to the right customers, many times over.

There's no better salesperson of your product than you!  Our events put you face to face with customers with whom you can share your passion and turn into life long advocates.

Build your email list and online customer base in the most effective way possible, face to face.  Stop trying to compete with national brands who have hundreds of employees and millions of dollars to outpace you on digital marketing.

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With a highly curated selection of brands ranging from womenswear to menswear, food and beverage to home goods we offer our thousands of guests a balanced shopping experience from the nation's best brands.

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"We are thrilled to be in the first year of our partnership with AF as we honor that commitment to our craft, while celebrating the craftsmen and women of today as they embark on their own journey.”

Stacie Dunn
Senior Commercial Marketing Manager, Maker's Mark

AF Vendor Since '17